Sunday, April 09, 2006

Talking about MacZOT!

MacZOT is for Mac users who likes to buy shareware since it gives out good deals of Mac shareware every day. The price can be less than half of the orginal.

The creatice bit of this website is about marketing. The BlogZOT I wrote about gave me a free AppZapper. Now they have a BlogZOT 1.1 for bloggers (like me) to talk about this website. This gave them a lot of publicity all over the web. (What's better than being Dugg?)

Than there's MysteryZOT. It's a secret bundle of shareware that is worth more than $60, but now sells for only $15. You don't know what's in it until you buy it, so you have to decide your trust MacZOT or not.

It's a very interesting website and their design is good too! :) Definitely visit it every day to get greaat deals.

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